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TheXClass Twitter Timeline May 19, 2013

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This is the Timeline for @TheXclass from May, 2013. @TheXclass has been suspended permanently.


Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
The Mythical 70s. Needlessly cooling a senseless inflationary cycle. No resemblance to today. #p2

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@BarrieLouise Sadly, I am forced to resort to Bob's Burgers and Family Guy for intellectual stimulation.@chuckwoolery

Onjya♥ @BarrieLouise 19 May
@TheXclass @chuckwoolery You must be devastated. Stay strong.
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BatOnymous @Gotham_Rocker 19 May
@TheXclass @1000daysoframen DOX on a Pedo. Check out @BullyVille TL. @Da_True_BD #OpPedoHunt
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Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq I would be Bernie's running mate. Last year, I campaigned relentlessly to be @rockyanderson's running mate, but lost. I'm motivated

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq RWNJs don't worry about pragmatism. A RINO has no chance. We need a severe Progressive like @SenWarren. Or maybe I'll just run.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
We all get to control our own Timelines. @chuckwoolery chooses to manage his as an echo chamber for hate and FEAR! fueled by warped religion

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@samanthadawn787 Thanks :)

cheerio grrrl @cheeriogrrrl 19 May
@chuckwoolery @TheXclass >4000 deaths don't matter to you, if reported by an atheist? #FYI soldiers are still dead, no matter who reports.
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Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq That is an inspiring tag line for the #ItIsWhatItIs rally the Conservative Dems are planning. :) @SenWarren

Stuart the Cat @stuart219571957 19 May
@TheXclass @stefsstuff @chuckwoolery That's easy to say now at a point in your life you do not need them :) F Woolery - who cares? Hah!
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Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Actually @chuckwoolery you spew the hate. And you get it back because you're too cowardly to defend your view. And you're a dick. @Angel_N_7

Donna Gratehouse @DonnaDiva 19 May
@chuckwoolery @TheXclass @Angel_N_7 And we get why you're a conservative, Chuck. Because you are a hateful asshole.
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Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@DonnaDiva I'd be shocked if @Peggynoonannyc responded to defend her manufactured #outrage. There's more to journalism than bad feelings.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Yup @Goat_Boy_05 But what @chuckwoolery is saying is that he lacks the intellect to sustain a discussion about matters of life and death.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq I'm not a big fan of astute pragmatic analysis. Gotta be a little unrealistic to fix this mess. @SenWarren

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Oops. BLOCKED! by @chuckwoolery for making him defend his Bush support. No Love Connection there. And I will not buy his catheters.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@Robert_Smith68 It's all about LIBERTY!!! It often gives us death. Back in the day, it was a choice @rockermom53

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
That should rope in the neoconservative Christians who dig death, destruction, and economic catastrophe.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@chuckwoolery No God would approve of wasting trillions on destroying a country and killing its people after "Mission Accomplished"

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq Hillary is too centrist for me. Great diplomat, but we don't need a diplomat. Need a Prez with fangs. @SenWarren

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
No, @chuckwoolery Nothing strange or funny sending 1000s of USA soldiers to their death and destroying a country for no reason. @Angel_N_7

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq I'd like her to go for the big chair before her next election. But USA monied interests would lose their minds. @SenWarren

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@sqeptiq It may very well be that @SenWarren simply cares about doing the right thing. Al least we'll have 6 years before they bury her.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Nothing provides peace of mind more than a video chat with a deployed soldier.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Elizabeth Warren Is Turning Out as Good as Promised. Ran from the left and governs from the left. #p2

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
To the dismay of Dems and Repubs, Freshman Senator @senwarren takes on the Financial Industry. Liz is HAWT! #p2

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Pro tip for @Peggynoonannyc: When you have to point out that your point is obvious, it's prolly obvious only to you. No charge this time.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@AngelaTC Sorry. Meant to suggest that it's the Koch Empire that's evil. Not third world countries. Hope that helps.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Private sector Labor Union participation is where it was before The New Deal. So is income inequality. #p2 #ows

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
O'Flaherty joins Venters in Tommy John surgery purgatory. #Braves lose 2 of games great relievers in same week

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@Oshianna2U Definitely not a popular position, but making a stand for #Gitmo19 puts you on the upside of morality. Awesome! :)

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@Oshianna2U Thanks. Rainy and ugly here. Getting bored. Hope your weekend is full of fun.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@SDzzz Oh. Hi troll. I thought I had you blocked but how many times do I need to ask? Keep my name out of your mouth. Thank you. @belskie

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
@AngelaTC Yes. Good for the Koch's. Exploiting 3rd world countries and their appetites for carbon to expand their evil empire.

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Jackie Robin
son and a Barrier Unbroken. Conservative attitudes really have not changed. #p2

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Pakistan rusts away due to neglect, corruption, and lack of national vision. Maybe we can learn a lesson. #p2

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
Detroit's future as Koch Industries petroleum wasteland. I prefer MoTown. #p2 #KeystoneXL

Sadistic Statist @TheXclass 19 May
AP CEO calls records seizure unconstitutional. He's not the supreme court, but he should be taken seriously. #p2

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