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Eileen Left Lies About Ownership of @ConnectTheLeft February 26th, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 10:04 AM

It turned out that Simon Cowart set up the Twitter account and provided proof of this. EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks lied in order to get people on her side.

@BlizzyBe @3StepsBack so he's saying that 'he' set up the accts, but who really set them up? How did you end up running FB page?

@EileenLeft @blizzybe @3stepsback my question. Why interlocking D's. and the word "blue" but won't commit to electing Dems. my concern

@LauraShezBar @EileenLeft @BlizzyBe You SHOULD be concerned with this....they supported candidates like Paul & Roemer last time around

@3StepsBack you still here?? they just proved that Simon is lying with his own words, faked details and faked photos...this is gonna be fun
1:16 AM - 26 Feb 2013

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