Thursday, March 27, 2014

SwiftRead And Zapem, Catfight; Sept 2011

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 5:16 PM

Seeing SwiftRead and Zapem fighting always makes me smile. The "failed utube" would be Zapem's Twittergate video exposing trolls for trolling. If you didn't see the video you're like %99.99999 of the population of the planet.

Here swiftread accuses Zapem of stealing the investigation and claiming her husband is a fed. Actually her husband is a retired cop and Zapem worked in the file room of a police department. 
FOS-> . We had 2 articles done before you went to Martin b/c Greg wouldn't talk to you & you lied about your hubby-fed.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

GTFOH. Go back to FAKING your husband being a Federal Agent. Which is a Fed Offense btw RT @zapem Your language is disgusting, PattonsGhost.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

@zapem @Stormpeedo << btw ask Michelle for proof when she tries to sell you that her hubby is a Fed Agent. He's not. #teaparty #tcot #sgp

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

Greg already had 2 articles up re: Neal @Stormpeedo which tipped @Zapem off on our investigation. She's a glory hunter & pubd a failed UTube

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