Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Chat With Chet

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 12:43 PM

Whatever Project Vigilance might be, it's doubtful it is what it is promoted to be.

After our conversation below Chet tweeted this out:
DISCLAIMER: I am this one time using my account for ProjectVIGILANT information as apparently no one realizes exists.

This was just more smoke and mirrors, the Twitter account @LLCVIGILANT was also created after our conversation.

 Chet must think everyone else in the world is dumb.

I have done nothing but prove my loyalty here. Fuck off. This both hurts me and makes me furious Cat out. Maybe forever.
4:23 AM - 20 May 2014

@AllSquareCat Wait what? What the hell is going on?

@gwennyrah OpManning has accused us at the #yand project as being an arm of Project Vigilant. Fuck this. Out.

@AllSquareCat I'm sorry I don't even know what Project Vigilant even is.

@gwennyrah @ChetUber Let's ask the man running Project Vigilant. Please tell these fucks we have nothing to do with your group. Ever. #yand

@AllSquareCat: Here is a tip: When lamers, trolls and hateful people et al use "guilt by association" tactics - don't react. @gwennyrah

@Br1B3: Wouldn't know it is your delusion. Apparently you drank the Kool-Aid or took the 'brown acid' @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah How marvelous to run an international surveillance organization yet still have time for the Twitters.

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah Shouldn't you be tapping a phone now or something? Tell Neal to wear a nice shirt tomorrow in court.

@Br1B3: Note to self BriB3 is delusional and must be an Alex Jones fan! @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah I might go to Miami and apply for PV. So convenient your office is in a parking garage. Do you validate?

@Br1B3: So you obviously have never been to SoBe. Parking is a luxury and your "intel" sucks @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @Br1B3 @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah ~ intel ~ that's ripe! LOL

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah I live Fl. The mailing addy you give for PV is 1111 Lincoln Road, a SoBe parking garage, a landmark dude.

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah The suite number you give is used by dozens of businesses cuz it's a virtual office rented by the month.

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah So technically, Mr Intelligence, your Miami office is an expensive post office box with a fancy address.

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah LOTS of people have your same business address. In the very well known Herzog parking garage.

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah I think your Intel needs to start using the Google

@Br1B3: As reported in press we are Regus customers this is not news just good business - and just you trolling @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah Maybe if you raise the price on the Tshirts you sell you could afford a real office? Just an idea...

@Br1B3: International Surveillance Organization? Seriously. @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah So I guess my Intel doesn't suck does it Chester? Like I said, Lying Liars Gotta Lie

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah Oops Typo, I meant to say Imaginary Intelligence Organization.

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah Seriously, PV headquarters is really in your bedroom where you send emails and eat Cheetos

@Br1B3: It was fun over lunch to see how desperate you are. Thanks for playing "Let's make shit up on Twitter" @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah No, if I was desperate I'd rent a virtual office in a parking garage and then "make shit up".

@Br1B3: Thanks so much for all your amazing insight you have a great day! @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah

@ChetUber @AllSquareCat @gwennyrah You're welcome Chet. Thanks for taking time away from your busy schedule to chat.

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