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Neal Rauhauser Basks In The Glory Of The Great Oz Hoax; Deleted Blog Post; Nov 17, 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 6:27 PM

This is another deleted post from Neal's blog. Humble Neal is so humble. And yes, Neal, The Great Oz was a hoax

Anonymous Karl Rove Letter Gets Noticed

This yielded 421 views of The Protectors Claim ORCA & Smartech Hacks. This post contains the full text of the letter, not just the scanned image in the PDF.

There would have been more, but I didn’t notice the Wonkette link for the first couple of hours, so the initial burst of traffic was over before I added the URL for the story to the Scribd description.

If you are a first time visitor I imagine this site is overwhelming. Here are some starting points:

Timeline O’ Timelines is a list of twenty one reasons the fringe right hates/fears me, put in chronological order.

Timelines contains thirteen timelines for individuals, groups, and specific events. Each has a short blurb that explains the contents of each link.

Individuals mentioned here have a profile and they are often part of a group. Click on a profile and scroll down to see pingbacks to every post in which the person ever got mentioned.

I think Brett Kimberlin of VelvetRevolution and I were supposed to be the October Surprise! for the Obama campaign. Swatgate was part of that. I recently announced that I am Reviving Swatgate, because it’s all fabricated crap that is about to backfire on the ones who created it.

A Parting Explanation covers the methods I employ against my unwanted delusional fan club and their clueless leader, Robert Stack McCain. The Compendium Of Trollish Behavior are some of the better hoaxes I have perpetrated on them over the last two years.

The Protectors Claim ORCA & Smartech Hacks is not a hoax, so far as I can tell. They said things were going to happen, I wrote a few posts about it well in advance, and then it all occurred pretty much as described.

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