Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cat Fight! More Tweets from Stormpeedo, Zapem, SwiftRead, LibertyChick,2011

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 12:08 PM

A bit of Twitter history, Stormpeedo is alleged to be an early sock puppet of OccupyRebellion and here she seems to be buddy buddy with Zapem.  It's amusing to see SwiftRead go after Zapem.

Some of these tweets have been deleted since then.

Patrick Read @swiftread

Not really, @zapem, I just search my name to see what psychos like you, Michelle, are saying about me... Now GFY. Bah. @Stormpeedo

Patrick Read @swiftread

@zapem @Stormpeedo << btw ask Michelle for proof when she tries to sell you that her hubby is a Fed Agent. He's not. #teaparty #tcot #sgp

Patrick Read @swiftread

Greg already had 2 articles up re: Neal @Stormpeedo which tipped @Zapem off on our investigation. She's a glory hunter & pubd a failed UTube

Patrick Read @swiftread… <-You must mean @Stormpeedo? No. @Zapem's BS wasn't discussed but you'll see on that pg I'm telling the truth. #phnm

Patrick Read @swiftread

Now then, @Stormpeedo ask @Zapem why she detest #PHNM. She says their Liberal #birthers promoting@Markos's agenda. #Fact #tcot #teaparty

Patrick Read @swiftread… & @Stormpeedo if you disagree w/ @Zapem (who speaks for#ThePeople *see comments*) then you're a Liberal #phnm #tcot

Patrick Read @swiftread

@Stormpeedo Funny how @zapem keeps bringing @liberty_chick & @andrewbreitbart in to it. Exposes her ambition for "media coverage" even more

Patrick Read @swiftread… @Stormpeedo @Zapem< nice pics, where'd ya get em? Ya STOLE em for Ur Vid #FAIL Mz MediaAttn #tcot #teaparty #phnm #sgp

Mandy Nagy @liberty_chick

@Stormpeedo @zapem I refuse to respond to that blockhead. But I'll verify Zapem NEVER solicited credit for anything, shld it have been used.

Patrick Read @swiftread

@SwiftRead Publish it then so she can sue you. @Zapem

Patrick Read @swiftread

*sigh* @Stormpeedo @Zapem You both have the ability to GTFOH, right? This is public domain. Keep it up & I'll publish then you can whine.

Patrick Read @swiftread

No dipshit @Stormpeedo psycho drama has been talking BS about me on here for, what, 2 weeks @Zapem? Just walk away & look 4 media attention.

Patrick Read @swiftread

Blah blah blah You have every right to be here @Stormpeedo & I have every right to publish on MY blog, okay sock acct? @Zapem Got it?

Mandy Nagy @liberty_chick

@Stormpeedo @Zapem Hence why ppl like him who won't listen to reason or critically examine facts r dangerous for ALL sides. Not a L-R thing.

Patrick Read @swiftread

Thanks for including your media want for attention again @Stormpeedo / @Liberty_Chick Did @Zapem lift your pics for her Vid, Mandy? NOPE

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