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CattyIdiot and Rauhauser Jabber Conversation Dec 15 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 5:42 PM

This jabber conversation between Neal Rauhauser and cattyidiot was posted on pastebin. The conversation is dated December 15th, 2014 and most likely posted by Neal. 

"JD" would be Neal's lawyer Jeffrey Dorrell, "VVF" would be Tom Retzlaff's libel blahg ViaViewFiles

(08:22:13 PM) Attempting to start a private conversation with [email protected]

[Image] (08:22:15 PM) Private conversation with [email protected]/39541530931418686530239434 started.  Your client is not logging this conversation.

(08:26:08 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: Well, looks like this is the end, ya little furball.

(09:48:53 PM) [email protected]: The end of what?

(10:00:00 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: Well, everything.

(10:00:20 PM) [email protected]: Sounds ominous.

(10:00:39 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: Had a nice long talk with JD tonight and a few others. Gonna just ignore you, ignore VVF, and wait for the appeals court to do its work.

(10:01:05 PM) [email protected]: Oh.

(10:01:06 PM) [email protected]: :(

(10:01:25 PM) [email protected]: I have to say in weird way I do miss you when you aren't round.

(10:04:00 PM) cattyidiot[email protected]: Uhm...

(10:04:03 PM) [email protected]: Wait...

(10:04:15 PM) [email protected]: You just finished in the appeals court.

(10:04:22 PM) [email protected]: You mean the trial court?

(10:06:44 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: Nah, we're expecting rehearing, then a trip to supreme court. There are a dozen TCPA related cases queued up, mine is among the more interesting.

(10:07:29 PM) [email protected]: A rehearing? But you won!

(10:11:17 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: it's a low cost delaying tactic, and someone is going to have to sort out things with a supreme court visit.

(10:11:37 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: A similar case was kinda interesting - $350k in legal fees, then $250k in sanctions.

(10:22:30 PM) [email protected]/28076057461418692921929929: The best parts were the procedural errors, from the initial Texas filing through the dismissal w/o prejudice. Leiderman is so damned incompetent it's hilarious.

(10:24:33 PM) [email protected]: Sorry man. I was in the loo. Post-dinner. always happens.

(10:25:07 PM) [email protected]: I was barely paying attention back when Leiderman was "of counsel".

(10:25:37 PM) [email protected]: Well, this is mind-blowing, really.

(10:25:58 PM) [email protected]: Of all the scenarios I personally saw coming.... having the winner appeal the case was not one of them.

(10:27:25 PM) [email protected]: Hey, listen... I've got to head and off and get to the gym before they close. I'll be back on in about 90 minutes.

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