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Neal Rauhauser and CattyIdiot Conversation, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 3:14 PM

This conversation between Rauhauser and CattyIdiot is undated but probably from December of 2014 like the rest of the deleted pastebins posted by Neal. 

Favorite quote from this one: "In this case, someone as creative and broadly read as me has spent a great many hours making a rabbit hole."

(12:18:30 AM) Attempting to start a private conversation with [email protected]

[Image] (12:18:33 AM) Private conversation with [email protected]/15948030301418614057209231 started.  Your client is not logging this conversation.

(12:18:46 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: Well there you are. I was starting to get worried.

(12:38:27 AM) [email protected]: This remains available most of the day. Sometimes I'm here, sometimes I'm not.

(12:51:51 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: We were just talking about you.

(12:52:00 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: Me, Auntie Troll, a few of the other ghosts.

(12:53:29 AM) [email protected]: Oh good.

(12:55:40 AM) [email protected]: And?

(12:58:36 AM) [email protected]: I'm sorry, Neal. Look if you are busy with something... just hit me up tomorrow.

(12:59:01 AM) [email protected]: Oh wait. I'm gonna be tied up most of the day.

(12:59:23 AM) [email protected]: I'll leave this open for a few moments more I guess.

(01:14:26 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: Sorry

(01:14:36 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: someone clever is wanting to play a game with me

(01:15:05 AM) [email protected]: Oh? Welcome to my world.

(01:15:31 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: Yeah, one of those things. Someone knows a lot about me and they've set out a puzzle for me to solve.

(01:16:02 AM) [email protected]: I like puzzles. They can be a lot fun.

(01:16:41 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: In this case, someone as creative and broadly read as me has spent a great many hours making a rabbit hole.

(01:17:40 AM) [email protected]: Well, there aren't many people like that out there, so that greatly limits the scope of potential candidates.

(01:32:50 AM) [email protected]: can i assume that rabbit is keeping you hopping around?

(01:38:17 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: Nah, this might be an ARG, might be an intel recruiter thing, might be both. Or something else entirely.

(01:38:54 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: I get venomous retards who will send me one fake document, shit just hanging out there in space with no context, and they start fapping over all the fun it'll be when I take the bait.

(01:39:44 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: I have a freakin' directory of that shit, date and time stamped, I play guessing games on who is trying it. It doesn't matter all that much, it's like stamp collecting in a way.

(01:41:03 AM) [email protected]: OFC. Believe me. I know the types.

(01:42:24 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: But this one - multiple domains, back story, phone numbers with a trail, physical locations

(01:42:49 AM) [email protected]/31636336691418620144498840: someone spent time on it, looks like one of mine when I'm in the mood to build a trailhead

(01:46:26 AM) [email protected]: Oh? Love it! Sounds very intriguing.

(01:55:51 AM) [email protected]: I'm out. On the wrong side of midnight here.

[Image] (02:01:31 AM) [email protected]/15948030301418614057209231 has ended his/her private conversation with you; you should do the same.

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