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Stormpeedo, Swiftread, Liberty_Chick and Zapem

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 5:05 PM

 This conversation took place when SwiftRead and Zapem were feuding over the nonevent of Twittergate. Also in here is @Stormpeedo, an early account of OccupyRebellion, allegedly after she abandoned her @darrahford account. 

Very odd to see her team up with Zapem.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

Thanks for including your media want for attention again @Stormpeedo / @Liberty_Chick Did @Zapem lift your pics for her Vid, Mandy? NOPE

Mandy Nagy @liberty_chick

@Stormpeedo @Zapem Hence why ppl like him who won't listen to reason or critically examine facts r dangerous for ALL sides. Not a L-R thing.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

Blah blah blah You have every right to be here @Stormpeedo & I have every right to publish on MY blog, okay sock acct? @Zapem Got it?

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

No dipshit @Stormpeedo psycho drama has been talking BS about me on here for, what, 2 weeks @Zapem? Just walk away & look 4 media attention.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

*sigh* @Stormpeedo @Zapem You both have the ability to GTFOH, right? This is public domain. Keep it up & I'll publish then you can whine.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

@SwiftRead Publish it then so she can sue you. @Zapem

Stormy @stormpeedo

RT @Liberty_Chick@Stormpeedo @zapem I refuse to respond to that blockhead. But I'll verify Zapem NEVER solicited credit for anything, ...

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

I'm NOT interested in media approval, @Stormpeedo. Get the hint? @liberty_chick @andrewbreitbart & I had a disagreement about Greg. @Zapem

Mandy Nagy @liberty_chick

@Stormpeedo @zapem I refuse to respond to that blockhead. But I'll verify Zapem NEVER solicited credit for anything, shld it have been used.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread… @Stormpeedo @Zapem< nice pics, where'd ya get em? Ya STOLE em for Ur Vid #FAIL Mz MediaAttn #tcot #teaparty #phnm #sgp

Patrick S. Read @swiftread… DUH RT @Stormpeedo @Zapem If she was a glory hunter, she would have taken the credit herself #phnm #tcot #teaparty #sgp

Patrick S. Read @swiftread… Its simple, even for you @Stormpeedo sock acct. Now both of you GTFO my face @Zapem. Ut oh. Vets cuss. Get over it.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

@Stormpeedo Funny how @zapem keeps bringing @liberty_chick & @andrewbreitbart in to it. Exposes her ambition for "media coverage" even more

Patrick S. Read @swiftread… & @Stormpeedo if you disagree w/ @Zapem (who speaks for#ThePeople *see comments*) then you're a Liberal #phnm #tcot

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

Now then, @Stormpeedo ask @Zapem why she detest #PHNM. She says their Liberal #birthers promoting@Markos's agenda. #Fact #tcot #teaparty

Patrick S. Read @swiftread… <-You must mean @Stormpeedo? No. @Zapem's BS wasn't discussed but you'll see on that pg I'm telling the truth. #phnm

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

Greg already had 2 articles up re: Neal @Stormpeedo which tipped @Zapem off on our investigation. She's a glory hunter & pubd a failed UTube

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

@zapem @Stormpeedo << btw ask Michelle for proof when she tries to sell you that her hubby is a Fed Agent. He's not. #teaparty #tcot #sgp

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

Not really, @zapem, I just search my name to see what psychos like you, Michelle, are saying about me... Now GFY. Bah. @Stormpeedo

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