Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Former Maryland District Attorney Haz A Big Mad

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 5:20 PM

Usually Marcie has me blocked but today she unblocked and we had a nice little chat. 

The former Maryland Deputy District Attorney needs to spend less time creating libel blogs and brush up on current laws regarding restraining orders and internet libel.

No Marcie @AnnaKarinin they are called a parody, totally legal and permissable on Twitter. Do file a TRO

I know how you like to photoshop Marcie @AnnaKarinin See if you can photoshop a REAL TRO. And call your Klown army

pffft @AnnaKarinin I suggest you read Cox v Obsidian and then kiss my ass Marcie

Do that Marcie. @AnnaKarinin Please do that. I'll have all your victims sitting next to me in court as I antislapp you back..

@AnnaKarinin You're 20 years behind the times Marcie. I don't have any malicious "ations"

@AnnaKarinin I think you'd qualify MARCIE as a limited purpose public figure. And I believe you've crowned yourself Queen of Anonymous

@AnnaKarinin You need to get your facts straight. Neal filed the antislapp. That's not done with tho. He'll be disappointed.

.@AnnaKarinin Did you read the case? Mr. McGibney lost. He filed the lawsuit. The person who won was the one who filed Anti-SLAPP @ZiLeOHai

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