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Twitter Timeline of Rauhauser as RealityForger; Dec 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 4:19 PM

"Every negative thing you ever heard about me started with racist Robert Stacy McCain" says Neal.

HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ten years behind on child support, I think your ex wife precedes McCain.

FYI Neal: just because someone registers a domain doesn't mean that person owns it. 
Paying extra to keep a domain registration private doesn't mean it will stay private, most private registration companies will give up names if requested by law enforcement.
Having a lawyer register your domain costs more but it keeps your name private and protected under attorney-client privilege.

Paul Carr ‏@paulcarr
Again, the trouble with an anonymous troll group is that it's hard to pin down facts.

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@paulcarr You realize a portion of @YourAnonNews is owned by the guys who just lost this lawsuit, right? …

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger .@paulcarr I've been on the business end of a @YourAnonNews smear. Happy to share what I know, there's a nice expose in it.

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  Dec 12 @RealityForger @YourAnonNews Does everyone know who you are now?

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
@B3nRaching3r @YourAnonNews I have never been particularly anonymous, except when I choose to be, and those don't generally get found.
7:32 PM - 12 Dec 2014

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  Dec 12
@RealityForger @YourAnonNews LOLOLOL. Well then...

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger@ RealityForger
. @ dellcam @ B3nRaching3r @ apblake @ danstuckey @ paulcarr Someone SHOULD Fire up @ DomainTools & look at YAN Domains History.

2477f200a6aff21f68898c5d9396d716_400x400.jpegKaatje Kabelkrant ‏@kaatje36  Dec 13
@B3nRaching3r I happen to like Neal too which I never expected based on the talk there was about him.

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Every negative thing you ever heard about me started with racist Robert Stacy McCain …
6:52 AM - 13 Dec 2014

DemHipster ‏@liberaluniverse  Dec 13
.@RealityForger @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Then amplified by @Patterico another bigot.

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger ‏@RealityForger  Dec 13
@liberaluniverse @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r That guys is not someone I'd choose to engage. He's got some IRL issues he needs to focus on.

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r
@kaatje36 Same here. Everyone called him a troll PoS. He was always wise and kind to me. I can only go off what I personally experience?

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 Every crime I am accused of was committed by FBI snitch Brandon Darby. …
I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  
@RealityForger @kaatje36 Hey bro. Can I get you to take Fl1nt off Trac? Doing this open for good reasons.

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  
@RealityForger @kaatje36 If you do this.... The amount of goodwill will surprise you. I know I'm noob. But that's my Xmas wish @C1TYofFL1NT

2477f200a6aff21f68898c5d9396d716_400x400.jpegKaatje Kabelkrant ‏@kaatje36
@B3nRaching3r @RealityForger @C1TYofFL1NT +1
realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@paulcarr I scored a #1a victory against owners of @YourAnonNews domains last week.

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