Sunday, September 20, 2015

Basko Compares Internet Trolling To Nazi Germany

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 3:24 PM

Oh the drama.  Sue is just a natural troll magnet.

Easy to say that if you were in Nazi Germany, you would have spoken up. Are you speaking up now about @Ed_Updates, Doxbin, Rustle League?

.@OccupyPeaceInfo Pst. You're doing the same shit you claim to fight against. #TheMoreYouKnow @ED_Updates

@Super_UserDo @OccupyPeaceInfo because then she wouldn't get all this attention. Disclosure: We have her blocked yet she keeps mentioning us

@Super_UserDo @OccupyPeaceInfo In this instance I would say that she is the troll.

@Super_UserDo Exactly. She is the biggest hypocrite oti, yet she thinks she can convince ppl she is the church lady. No one is buying it tho

@ED_Updates @Super_UserDo there should be a month long black out. No one mention her for a month and just let her claw her own eyes out

@Super_UserDo @meepkittyfuck She mentions one of our retired admins like 100 times a day too cc @zaiger

@OccupyPeaceInfo @ED_Updates Yeah because laughing at Sue Basko OTI is totally equal to killing 6 million jews. #Persecutioncomplex

@OccupyPeaceInfo Comparing people on the internet to Nazi Germany is ridiculous. Please don't exaggerate so much.

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