Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Former Maryland Prosecutor Violates Restraining Order.

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 12:37 PM

After dodging the police for months, Marcie Sweren Wogan was finally served with a permanent restraining order in April which she is ignoring.

The PRO is a real court ordered restraining order issued by a real judge in a real court. Marcie seems to think it's not a really real restraining order so it doesn't really apply to her. 

Regardless of its authenticity, an intelligent person would get the hint and find someone else to harass but not Marcie. She continues to violate the restraining order, saying rather nasty things as well as posting pictures of a 7 year old child just to show the world that she is above the law because she is a former Maryland Deputy Prosecutor. 

I've redacted the photos but until the police step in and take care of Ms Wogan, please report the following tweets as targeted harassment:

ChesireKat ‏@ChesireKatz Jul 3

Abuse of children only succeeds if u remain silent. Report Kirsten Olson of Ft. Lee, FL to CPS & save Connor Curry

ChesireKat ‏@ChesireKatz Jul 3

Connor Curry needs YOU to notify CPS in Fort Lee, FL of his abuse. Help him escape his drunk, drug addict bio-mom!

ChesireKat ‏@ChesireKatz Jul 3

Connor is terrified of his bio-mom, Kirsten Olson as she hurts him so brutally he begins to cry. Look at his face!!

ChesireKat ‏@ChesireKatz Jul 3

Rescue Connor from his drunk mentally ill bio-mom. She is a pathological liar, a drug addict, a drunk & unfit parent

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