Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Brandon Bots; Update April 25, 2017

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 5:34:00 PM

Below you'll find most of Brandon's past and present Twitter and Gab accounts and their current status.

Twitter Accounts

@error__4_0_4 Locked
@b3044332  locked
@epicavenged locked
@f3d3r4l4g3nt locked
@clearmind20  locked

GAB Accounts


@umad Suspended
@bking Suspended
@ded  Suspended
@abelar Suspended
@rapey Deleted
@mark_abelar Deleted
@skidmark Deleted
@AnthonyBarbella Deleted
@richasfuck Suspended
@burkettsue Suspended
@tammyboyle Suspended
@angryginger Suspended
@wh0re Suspended
@sueb Suspended
@ObiJuan Deleted
@lexie_blue Suspended
@umad Suspended
@5webz  Suspended
@fauxreality Suspended
@x13 Suspended
@InternetJesus Suspended
@Puto Suspended
@jim_meh Suspended
@HumanRollOn Suspended

Suspended Twitter Accounts

@yallmadd Suspended
@doushari  Deleted
@yallmad SUSPENDED
@burkettsue2 SUSPENDED
@RatBarbella SUSPENDED
@botx_x => 798910644883980288 SUSPENDED
@_____D3rp => 796108492004356097 SUSPENDED
@suspensionbot => 796918608135880704 SUSPENDED
@DickBurchnall  => 804390451352662016  SUSPENDED
@irontrollblog2 => 802603146539388928  SUSPENDED
@x13_o => 789935203774894080  SUSPENDED
@queenzofmedla => 787387695974735876 SUSPENDED
markabelarcyco SUSPENDED
@Norma_Abelar => 804422917656379392 SUSPENDED
@B0t73 => 795654518507786245  SUSPENDED
@karmab0t => 795654518507786245 SUSPENDED
@z3r0fux => 776701243624304640 SUSPENDED
@b00oop  SUSPENDED
@tRoll3rbladez  SUSPENDED


@tr0llerbladez  SUSPENDED

@b_0_o_p  SUSPENDED

@tr0lolz  SUSPENDED

@tehbanhammer  SUSPENDED

@notmarkabelar  SUSPENDED

@donedeal557  SUSPENDED

@bigdaddyabelar  SUSPENDED

@garyabelar  SUSPENDED

@h0madesoap  SUSPENDED

@trolld0x  SUSPENDED


@theseaoflulz  SUSPENDED

@piratelabcorp  SUSPENDED


@horsemenofdeath  SUSPENDED

@1sh0t_1kill  SUSPENDED

@theumpirelestat  SUSPENDED


@tr0lldox  SUSPENDED

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