Monday, December 11, 2017

More Harassment From Team Siggy #RHONJ

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - 6:51 PM

As an international fashion icon and very famous internet personality, I'm used to dealing with obsessed psychotic fans like Brandon King that pop up every now and then. But it takes a lot of patience. And we're keeping Carlito the pool boy very busy making Mangoritas these days.

As you all know irontroll is dealing with 3 harassment complaints by someone in New Jersey who doesn't like irontroll blog. Yes! 3 of them! 

Defending our right to blog required hiring an attorney in New Jersey. Friends pitched in to help pay and there's a "Justice For Zile" fund raising campaign underway right now. The fund raising efforts have been watched carefully by members of Team Siggy who are alleged to be associates of the individual who filed charges against me.

If you've read the article by Perez Hilton about Brandon King being paid to harass people then his latest pitiful and petty antics should come as no surprise. Brandon has been trying to harass me over the last year and a half, so of course, he's trying to get the PayPal account for the fundraising campaign in trouble.

Brandon really likes to file complaints. He filed harassment charges against me in Texas back in February. That kind of fizzled out, though. Never heard a word from Texas. And Brandon filed a bar complaint against his former attorney, Steve Harrelson. That got dismissed. He reported his baby mama to the court and tried to get custody. He ended up in jail over that.

I don't think Brandon realizes how hard it is for people in positions of authority to take a 46 year old paid troll seriously when he whines about what other people are doing.

The tweet where he posted his complaint to PayPal is below. I imagine it will be causing eye rolls at PayPal. In the meantime, I hope you will consider making a small donation to Justice For Zile to help fight these charges.

Thanks ever so much!

This is a quick commercial break asking you to please donate to Justice For Zile!
Donations accepted via PayPal here

IronTroll blog is fighting against 3 harassment charges!
Yes 3! Filed by the same person!
A donation from you would help with legal expenses 
and be greatly appreciated!
Donations accepted via PayPal here

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