Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin

Infamous as the Speedway Bomber and as the subject matter of the book, Citizen K, Kimberlin seems truth challenged. He's claimed he sold pot to former Vice President, Dan Quayle, that he was in prison as a political prisoner and that he was released from prison by a court order that is sealed from public view. 

In 2015 Kimberlin filed a RICO lawsuit, accusing numerous conservative bloggers of a conspiracy to defame him by telling the truth about his past. He lost the lawsuit.

Probably most indicative of Kimberlin's character are his activites after his arrest for the Speedway bombings. While in jail he made a hit list composed of people connected to his trial that he wanted killed or injured. His plan was foiled when he was turned in by the fellow inmate he tried to hire to do the hit. As if this wasn't stupid enough, Kimberlin later made another hit list and was again turned in by the inmate he attempted to hire.

After his release from prison Kimberlin created a couple non profit organizations. One of them, Justice Through Music, seemed to exist solely for the purpose of promoting the horrible videos made by Kimberlin's wretched pseudo-grunge garage band, Op-Critical.

He teamed up with Neal Rauhauser and together they created The Protectors scam, alleging that The Protectors was a secret Anon group that prevented a national election from being tampered with.

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