Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thomas Retzlaff as @Klansmann Insults @Brandipassante, @DonLemonCNN, @NikWallenda, Women, AfricanAmericans and Jesus In 10 Tweets

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 14, 2015

The Amazing Thomas Retzlaff is well rounded in his hate. The @klansmann is 100% verified as belonging to Retzlaff. Here he tweets to Brandi Passante of Storage Wars, CNN newscaster Don Lemon, and Nik Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas.

1 yr agoDoS PostEffect
@Huntermoore I masturbate all the time while looking at @Brandipassante 24/7. luv her naked pics, 2.

1 yr ago
I masturbate all the time while looking at @Brandipassante 24/7. luv ur naked pics, 2.

1 yr ago
@Brandipassante I post all kinds of ur naked pics on all the interwebs. Ur a clown. enjoy ur $750 u piece of human garbage.

1 yr ago
@ChrisJacobs @Discovery U can go fuck urself. all ur jesus talking made me sick. I hope jesus kills him!

1 yr ago
@SarahKogod I hope jesus pushes him off the wire

1 yr ago
@tjwalsh @DonLemonCNN @NikWallenda 10 sec delay = pussy niggers. I wanna see him fall like his grand dad

1 yr ago
@AMorris1027 @DonLemonCNN @NikWallenda 10 second delay = niggers

1 yr ago
@DonLemonCNN @NikWallenda Why u hope its on delay? ur a pussy fag. I hope jesus kills him on TV

1 yr ago
@RMath13 man fuck u and ur jesus. too much jesus. I hope jesus kills him!

1 yr ago
@Discovery Fuck u and ur jesus. I hope Jesus pushes him off the wire. what a clown! too much jesus talking!!!!

1 yr ago
#Skywire I hope Jesus pushes him off this motherfucker. Fuck u and fuck ur Jesus u clown.

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  1. So the reason why McGibney is pissing away thousands of dollars of his ViaView investors' money is because he doesn't like what this guy says on Twitter? So is that how things work now? We don't like what someone says on Twitter so McGibney becomes a self-appointed vigilante out to clean up all the trolls on the interwebs.

    Funny but I seriously doubt Thomas gives two shits about McGibney or his stupid LOLsuits. I also seriously doubt he gives two shits about what people say about him, either. Like a guy who is allegedly a member of a murderous prison gang cares what twitter nerds have to say.

    By the way, did you know that the post about McGibney on the PRIVATE forum on the Storm Front website has had 50,000 views in the last few weeks? All the pics of McStupid's family, cars, home address, work info, all that good stuff. el oh el


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