Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rauhauser Twitter Timeline; April 2016, Part 2

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 12, 2016

These are Neal Rauhauser's deleted tweets from the second half of April, 2016

RT @bdsitalia: Join Thunderclap to Eros Ramazzotti: Cancel concert in Israel! #BDS

RT @BDSPaisValencia: Israel vetat al festival de cine de Seul. Nou èxit del boicot cultural. #BDS

RT @BernieSandersCT: MSM reporting @BernieSanders narrowed Clinton's Nevada lead, but not ahead. SMH

RT @femfreq: Time is running out! Just 3 1/2 days to back Ordinary Women, it doesn't happen without you! https://t.…

RT @bdsitalia: 8 modi per sostenere la #Palestina attraverso il #BDS

RT @bdsitalia: Perché il #BDS non può perdere: una soglia morale per combattere il razzismo in Israele…

RT @bdsitalia: “L'UE è complice nei crimini di guerra israeliani" dichiarano i leader del movimento globale #BDS. @EUinIsrael…

RT @bdsitalia: “EU complicit in Israeli war crimes”, says leadership of global #BDS Movement. @EUinIsrael

RT @bdsitalia: Palestinian #BDS Nat'l Committee on UN Human Rights Council vote to establish database of Israeli settlement cos https://t.c…

RT @CTwomen4Bernie:

RT @CTwomen4Bernie: Los Angeles #CNN #BernieSanders #CTWomen4Bernie

RT @ND4Bernie: top attorney on Hillary's legal woes

RT @COforBernie: ***WISCONSIN VOTES TOMORROW*** Please retweet! #WIforBernie #WIprimary How to help GOTV: https://…

RT @CTwomen4Bernie: In Atlanta - home of CNN HQ - April 16th or know someone who will be? #WeAreBernie #AmericaTogether…

RT @Florida4Bernie7: #BernieSanders

RT @ND4Bernie: Last day to register Hoosiers!!

RT @RemodelRemax: #Israeli Ministers Call For "Civil Targeted Killing" of #BDS Activists - Mention Omar Barghouti by name…

RT @CTwomen4Bernie: Oy vey. Check your status!! #CTWomen4Bernie #ElectionFraud #ByThePeople

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RT @UtahForBernie: We really need this man to be President. One of us #feelthebern #UT4Bernie

RT @arizonasanders: BernieSanders: The reason that our campaign is doing well is that we are doing something unusual in American politics:…

RT @BoycottAhava: Brian Eno backs Independent Market Label boycott of Israel #BDS

RT @deep_beige: Sanders, who keeps winning young women, young men, young whites, young minorities, suffers "get off my lawn" vibe https://t…

RT @arizonasanders: BernieSanders: When over half of older workers have no retirement savings, we need to expand, not cut, Social Security.

RT @BernieSandersCT: .@BernieSanders you are awesome #CTforbernie

RT @NEO4Bernie: We understand the process very well @BarneyFrank the game is rigged, voters refusing participation therein is reasonable. #…

RT @Sekhmara: .@NEO4Bernie Did you just see @BarneyFrank interview where he called us low information voters who don't understand how govt…

RT @Spacekatgal: Yay! After a week of travel I get to go home and see my husband!!! ... for 13 hours before I go to airport and head out a…

RT @bdsitalia: Italian students launch the “Studenti Contro Il Technion Campaign” to support #BDS. #StopTechnion

RT @BernieSanders: We need a new approach to trade in this country — one that benefits working families and not just the CEOs of multinatio…

RT @BeantownBop: Could be a little naïveté is what's needed to clean up the mess that is Congress.#FeelTheBern

RT @MyNam3isTak3n: Looking to buy corporate storage. #HP is obviously off-limits. #BDS

RT @WildmanUSA: Well if following a person of principle and vision for our country is stupid, then I'm with stupid. #Bernie2016 https://t.…

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes JWT has never NOT done something shady. If his Twitter is non-toxic, he's messing up somewhere else.

RT @arizonasanders: BernieSanders: RT aimeepicchi: As the poor die earlier, Social Security isn't paying off for them -- my story for … htt…

RT @Illinois4Bernie: Hillary Clinton, who publicly refused to #FightFor15 is now taking credit for its victory in NY. we aren't fooled http…

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes Given that he is jabbing Trump supporters, I presume he's got some Texas Tea Party connect to Cruz.

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes I don't care about the opinions he holds, but the identity theft, harassment/intimidation have no place here.

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch Here's more Serotonin/digestion stuff for #Lyme victims

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes He establishes a public presence to support some sort of scam. Is he promoting a specific 501c4?

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch Here's specific quote on serotonin/digestion that got my attention. #Lyme

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes Anyone on here waving their DD214 around or talking smack about someone else's is generally a shithead.

RT @BDS4Justice: Israel’s legal warfare on BDS fosters repression and McCarthyism across the world #BDS

RT @BDS4Justice: EU ambassador to Israel must not speak alongside settler leader Dani Dayan at anti-BDS event #BDS

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes Maybe you're new here. Smearing people is a spectator sport, Trump's birther supporters are the worst source.

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes Google my name, you'll find page after page of tripe made up by birther crackpots.

RT @SenSanders: American democracy is about one person, one vote. Today's ruling is a victory for equality in our political system. https:/…

RT @BDS_Chile: Israel resuelvo todo Asesinando: Amenazas de Israel al #BDS y respuesta de Omar Barghouti @palestina…

RT @SenSanders: The United States cannot continue to provide tax breaks to companies that move jobs overseas. They must pay their fair shar…

RT @ThatsRacistAF2: Voter fraud is happening everywhere. Our govt continues to fuck us over. Check your voter registration often. https://t…

Sadly, I will never read this @Wired article because I won't let them run advertising shiteware on my system.

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes TOS has changed. Robert Stacy McCain is gone. James McGibney is gone. Chuck C. Johnson is gone.

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes I see Todd Kincannon recently reappeared, he seems to be a changed man.

@BlissfulMe82_ @CharlieStutes I can't believe Chuck didn't get taken out behind the woodshed, given the way he behaved.

RT @bdsitalia: Perché il #BDS non può perdere: una soglia morale per combattere il razzismo in Israele

This person is bored in junior high study hall.

RT @NCForBernie: Sanders: Stop the Separation of Immigrant Children and Families #FeelTheBern

RT @bdsitalia: “EU complicit in Israeli war crimes”, says leadership of global #BDS Movement

RT @erictheteamster: And Naturally you invite #Hillary, who opposes a $15/hr minimum wage. #Fightfor15 #1u

RT @Women4Bernie: We need a POTUS full of compassion, wisdom, & who is not afraid of powerful lobbyists & corporations. #WIPrimary https://…

RT @mn4bernie: Something we can all agree on... @HillaryClinton is far too corrupt for the white house. #PanamaLeaks #panamapapers

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RT @BDSmovement: “EU complicit in Israeli war crimes”, says leadership of global BDS Movement #BDS #Palestine

RT @femfreq: Time is almost up to back Ordinary Women! Please watch & share this message from Anita about why the series matters. https://t…

RT @UtahForBernie: #feelthebern #NotMeUs

RT @Illinois4Bernie: Lack of information, yet Barney offers nothing they're wrong on. Remember folks, he's a bank lobbyist now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ h…

RT @NicholsUprising: In Wisconsin, @BernieSanders says @ScottWalker is “everything that we are opposing.”

RT @CapTimes: .@BernieSanders says Scott Walker's refusal to expand Medicare will cost lives. "I think that that is a disgrace." https://t.…

RT @arizonasanders: BernieSanders: RT MSNBC: .BernieSanders calls for shutting down New York nuclear power plant: …

RT @femfreq: Join the femfreq team & special guests on Thursday as we count down the final hours of the Ordinary Women campaign! https://t.…

RT @mtforbernie: Our march this past Saturday went so well, we decided we're gong to have another on Saturday April 30…

RT @BKforBernie: There are 7 events today - Phonebanking or GOTV by IDing supporters: Join us, for Bernie! https:/…

RT @arizonasanders: BernieSanders: Not too long ago, they told us that a $15 min wage was unrealistic. Some said it was ‘pie-in-the-sky.’ N…

RT @NMwomen4Bernie: #StillSanders #FeelTheBern

RT @femfreq: Just 3 days left to back Ordinary Women! Help put an end to this tired logic. Donate today! https://t.…

RT @arizonasanders: BernieSanders: As president, I will proudly stand with working families and fight for a $15 an hour federal minimu… htt…

RT @Spacekatgal: She had a name. It was #amberrayne. She deserves more respect than this headline.

RT @Spacekatgal: Stranger: "You know, you look a lot like Brianna Wu." Me: "Yeah. I hear that a lot."

RT @NM4Bernie:

RT @ND4Bernie: TransCanada shuts Keystone pipeline after incident in South Dakota | INFORUM

RT @CTwomen4Bernie: PLEASE READ, SHARE, and VOLUNTEER! 'If we split the delegates with Clinton, we are no closer to winning the... https:/…

RT @virginia4bernie: If @BernieSanders ideas are not "sound", why has the Hillary Clinton campaign adopted a good 80% of them? ���� https://t…

RT @Spacekatgal: Flight delayed. Oh well, at least I can do a playtest run on #revolution60.

RT @NCForBernie: Bernie Sanders Supporters Protest Election Coverage At Hollywood CNN Building #FeelTheBern

RT @Spacekatgal: Lighting makes a huge difference in a game. One of our goals was to make #revolution60 a dark but colorful world. https://…

RT @alisonrapp: GI is a great place staffed by a great group o people - & Minnesota is a hardy but progressive place to live. Do it! https:…

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RT @mn4bernie: Are we really expected to believe someone who was on the board of Wal-Mart is going to raise wages in this country? #NotHer1…

RT @davidsirota: As Clinton pushed Panama deal amid warnings, Sanders opposed it citing tax haven/secrecy https://t…

RT @alisonrapp: whoever gifted Karen the kneecap chew - bless your heart - it's keeping her busy while I submit applications, etc., thank y…

RT @mn4bernie: Because the members didn't get to vote on it. The rich bosses endorsed Hillary would be a better way to put it.…

RT @mn4bernie: .@berriesandblood ummm... you're the one that started trolling us, but okay. Have a nice day, Shelley. Hope you feel better.

RT @BrightonBDS: So #Bibi's Lord of the Dark Arts has finally arrived . . Oh boy, this is going to be fun! �� @AmbMarkRegev #BDS https://t…

RT @Spacekatgal: JetBlue: Are you willing to help in the event of an emergency? Me: I will be AWESOME in the event of an emergency. GIVE ME…

RT @alisonrapp: Doin my best to get thru some of the (what feels like) millions of msgs I've gotten since last week, & feeling overwhelmed…

RT @BernieSanders: Not too long ago, they told us that a $15 min wage was unrealistic. Some said it was ‘pie-in-the-sky.’ NY and CA are jus…

RT @BernieSanders: Today, the Supreme Court helped ensure the equality of one person, one vote. Now, we must continue to fight all forms of…

RT @BernieSanders: We need to federally fund and require body cameras for law enforcement officers to make it easier to hold them accountab…

RT @NCForBernie: Sanders out raises Clinton for the third month in a row! #FeelTheBern

RT @GuerrillaDems: ‘Fractivists’ Increase Pressure on Hillary Clinton in New York #WeAreBernie #ImWithHer #P2 https…

RT @BernieSanders: As president, I will proudly stand with working families and fight for a $15 an hour federal minimum wage.…

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Can anyone at Microsoft help this children's hospital with Group Policy for Xbox. Contact info in the screenshot https…

RT @mxsawyer: Bernie raises more than DOUBLE what Hillary raised in March #FeelTheBern

RT @OccupyLondon: All power to those in #iceland surrounding parliament in outrage at corrupt government as shown by #PanamaPapers https://…

RT @MMFlint: Flint. Flint? Remember Flint? Dem debate was just a month ago. Not a damn thing has changed. The United States of ADD. #Arrest…

@Arpey_Actual You really should put these on Vimeo, but I want you to stop horning in on my position as straight man

RT @BrightonBDS: Renowned international record fair backs cultural boycott of Israel via @MiddleEastMnt #BDS

@Arpey_Actual OK then. I can be the straighter straight man, just you wait and see.

RT @alisonrapp: In general, my favorite materials ask us to really examine whether we're actually pushing for empowerment, or actually bein…

@Arpey_Actual The one you wear in public, or the special private time two piece /w polkadots?

RT @alisonrapp: Havin ~good~ sex edu, respectin sex work, valuin adolescents/their hobbies, critiquing classist issues w/pop culture https:…

RT @NM4Bernie:

RT @TexasForBernie: HRC: "If we went $15, there are no International comparisons. I support a $12 Minimum Wage" #FightFor15>#SettleFor12 ht…

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch No no no, it's specific enough to start hunting for causes/conditions. I was excited to see it.

@AllSquareCat @AllFairCat What's that all about?

RT @ND4Bernie: ��

RT @femfreq: Just 3 days left! Help us hit the 80% mark today by getting a friend to match your donation! https://t…

@Arpey_Actual "And by excellent, I mean fucking retarded." - I think you should be @femfreq's assistant on Trust & Safety here.

@Arpey_Actual I literally cackled IRL reading that, roomie was all "let me see did you get inbox boobs on @Imgur" :-)

@AllFairCat @AllSquareCat Uhh, because I recognize the sound of your furry little paws, and you can just SMS both of us?

@Arpey_Actual Not even gonna take a consensus. Social Engineering Special Olympics detected :-)

RT @BernieSandersOH: Get out and vote tomorrow Wisconsin, stoke the Bern!!

RT @GlobalRevLive: #panamapapers leak leads to ‘largest protest’ in Iceland’s history (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)…

@AllFairCat @AllSquareCat You'd have to follow

RT @billmckibben: Who'da thunk it? March was the warmest March ever measured, kinda like Feb., Jan, Dec., etc

RT @rvkgrapevine: Akureyri division of Prime minister's party calls for his resignation

RT @OhioGanja: Hillary Wants Clinton Foundation Donor To Moderate Next Debate & MSNBC Host Can’t Believe It via @da…

RT @femfreq: Our average donation is $38. If just 25 of you make that, we'll hit our 80% milestone. Help us get there today!…

RT @thehill: Sanders supporter Tim Robbins: Clinton supporters are "sheep"

RT @5cottBrown: .@PolitiFact forgets we already spend $20 billion/yr. on public Pell Grants, so Bernie's plan would still save money https:…

RT @TexasForBernie: HRC opposes Fed $15/hr; HER MIN WAGE IS $225K/HR. Bernie's on picket line for #FightFor15; HRC just wants a photo op ht…

RT @Blunt_Doctor_RX: The 1% has a whole lot of money to spend. WE STILL HAVE MORE. #FeelTheBern #BERNITDOWN

RT @femfreq: Our next newsletter features an interview with Sydney Padua, creator of Lovelace & Babbage! https://t…

RT @BernieSanders: .@MarkRuffalo is right: the owners of this country want you to give up. I'm asking you not to give up. Get involved. htt…

RT @AllSquareCat: @cryptostorm_is presents Voodoo! Double blind Privacy! Go Dark With Us! Buy 1 Get 1 for a limited time!…

On 4/7 there is a hearing in Texas regarding Rauhauser v. McGibney. I see some Social Engineering Special Olympics contestants, so listen up

(1) Understanding Rauhauser v. McGibney

(2) Prior Frivolity: Walker v. World

(3) SPEAK FREE Act of 2015 - federal anti-SLAPP legislation.

(4) Thwarting Malicious Prosecution. Alternately, how to not get framed by @brandondarby

(5) Poor Counsel, Poor Outcomes. In order words, don't give Jay Leiderman anything important to handle.

(6) Swatting: Waiting For Indictments. Coming up on a year, no new names. Curious ...

(7) Johnson-Todd v. Morgan Dismissed via TCPA. My Texas lawyer kicks so much ass.

(8) Mr. Dorrell Goes To Washington. In which my kick ass TX lawyer argues a collections case before SCOTUS.

(9) Blocking Belligerent Loons Really liking having @femfreq on Trust & Safety & hater Robert Stacy McCain muzzled.

(10) Interstate Swatting Hoax Act of 2015. Maybe they'll indict @brandondarby for 2011/2012? We'll see ...

(11) Federal Harassment Legislation, International Arrests.

(12) Tracking Junaid Hussain. That's Tr1Ck from Team Poison, he was droned in Raaqa 8/25/15, Rustle League snitched

(13) Rustle League Core Member Snitches Hilarious end to James McGibney's informant career.

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(14) Rauhauser v. McGibney Finalized. $300k in legal fees, $1M in sanction. Serious butthurt is serious.

(15) Rauhauser v. McGibney Courthouse News Coverage First proper writeup of case I've seen.

Chirpified: Rauhauser v. McGibney Curtain Call 4/7/2016.

@AllSquareCat definitely Social Engineering Special Olympics contestant, not very skilled either.

@rabite @realytcracker Is there a non-Forbes article? They insist I permit dynamic content from random adware losers, which I won't do.

@SwiftOnSecurity Right sentiment, but you have reversed the roles of the two proper nouns in that sentence.

@yokalli May I quote you on that some time tomorrow afternoon?

RT @JetBlackCloud: all #anonymous buttburt dox bs, with conclusion always being "fed." waste of time. protect yr anonymity. avoid people wh…

@JetBlackCloud Alternately, spend 400 hours over two years including taking trips just to create a rabbit hole for probers :-)

@JetBlackCloud the ones who do that I either subtly bend to my will, or I crush their spirit /w time wasting nonsense :-)

@JetBlackCloud ah, but they don't ignore me. Worst case they hang around /w sore asses & I get to play clownfish in the anemone /w their aid

@JetBlackCloud Not a lot of people will deal with me, those that do live in mortal terror that I'll slip, and they NEVER cross me :-)

@JetBlackCloud They are free to find someone else to bother at any time. Until then, I invent useful things for them to do for me.


.@wikileaks @ioerror @csoghoian re: #panamapapers we want @neo4j work @cabralens is presenting made public.

RT @GlobalRevLive: #PanamaPapers Mossack Fonseca website leaks internal source code clues to hack? @UR_Ninja https…

An exciting @BlackHatEvents training ... until sticker shock hit.

Brave Texas police officer body slams 6th grade girl who lands face first. Dunno bout you but I feel much safer now.

Brave 6th grader arresting police officer is Joshua Kehm. His @LinkedIn appears to have already be scrubbed.

Ah, here we go. Hello, soon to be former police officer Joshua Kehm.

Every day here I see at least one out of control guy with a badge. They are not the problem, it's the entire for profit prison system.

@andreagrimes The rapist police officer looks like the wizard of Qarth in Game of Thrones.

@andreagrimes Yup, I got that "Is this something from The Onion" vibe as soon as I saw it. He looks really sick, like cancer or something.

@andreagrimes While I've got your attention, do a story on my record setting Texas Citizens Participation Act win?

@andreagrimes quick pitch delivered. Thanks for noticing :-)

per @RudyTakala John Podesta is listed in #panamapapers

#HillarySoQualified pls remember we need EVERYONE for general election. If not HRC, I'd want her supporters excited about downticket races.

Title 18 § 1512 rears its ugly head in a trollish cybercrime case.

Have I mentioned how much I *love* @Amtrak sleeper cars?

Random kids at the Catholic Workers House in Champaign.

Another *sigh*

C-5 on approach.

So many @Amtrak stations, so little time.

Quincy Market post office. Maybe I'll go back to Boston this year, once the snow stops.

Mmmmm Boston.

I last saw @WidespreadPanic in 2008. Hope my jam band drought ends this year.

#Lyme disease at 72 hours /w Doxycline treatment. I had Herxheimer reaction, 105F fever, hallucinating badly.

Fresh #Lyme bite 24 hours old, no antibiotics yet. The spiral isn't always sharply defined.

Niagara Falls is a hydropower wonderland.

Monadnock summit

The deer tick that ruined my life #lyme

I have no idea where this is. Maybe New Hampshire?

RT @Snowden: #Iceland's government: We're not leaving. Iceland's public: There are more of us than there are of you.…

@Friendlysmoker You'll get a giant Boaty McBoatface on your back.

@Friendlysmoker Tell me you'll do anything I can say in three words, your ass is gonna be painting in the sun for weeks.

@Friendlysmoker Just loop this until the feeling passes.

RT @canadianglen: Church of the Hidden Reality - Heavyweight Fuckhead of the Week rated explicit LIVE NAO Chat is open…

We're roasting William G. Talley & Jason Wade Taylor tonight on Church of the Hidden Reality.

RT @LonnieRhea: Help #PassSenateBill1503Lyme Add Your Voter Voice -> Quick Facts-> https:…

Baltic Dry Index hit a record low in Feb, worse than 2008, now banks show signs of stress.

RT @ClimateReality: Study: CO2 is rising at the fastest rate in millions of years (66 million years, actually) http…

RT @SenSanders: A bank that's too big to fail is also big enough to buy elections. Big banks endanger both our economic security and our de…

RT @SenSanders: We're spending $80 billion a year locking up people. Nobody thinks that that makes sense.

RT @SenSanders: The offshore tax haven network isn’t something that we need to reform or refine. It’s a form of legalized tax fraud that mu…

RT @SenSanders: Bottom line is no single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure would send the world econ…

RT @SenSanders: It is too late for establishment politics. The problems facing this country are so serious that the same-old, same-old ain'…

RT @SenSanders: I believe the function of banking should not be about making as much profits as possible but rather ensuring affordable loa…

RT @SenSanders: Let us never forget that the reckless behavior on Wall Street plunged the US into the worst economic downturn since the Gre…

RT @SenSanders: No one in America in should ever have to choose between their medicine and their food, and yet millions have to make that c…

RT @People4Bernie: Basic. #FeelTheBern

(1) When law enforcement finds a stash of child pornography they apparently create hashes of the files - unique digital signatures.

(2) It appears that @Dropbox uses the same hash for every file you load. If one of your files match, they will report you to law enforcement

(3) Today I saw the first evidence that files on your Google Drive get the same hash comparison & reporting.

(4) Suspect in TX case reported he found child pornography on @Tumblr. This started after the Freedom Hosting raid.

(5) Almost immediately after the Freedom Hosting raid, there was a tidal wave of images of preteen girls on various @Tumblr sites.

(6) The Ashley Madison intrusion caused a similar event on @LinkedIn - hundreds of cam girl profiles appeared practically overnight.

(7) Content from Freedom Hosting resurfaced in Canada, resulting in a massive CP ring bust.

(8) Child pornography is radioactive. There is never any excuse for having it in your possession, you WILL get charged.

(9) One of the functions offered by Hacking Team's malware was the ability to plant child porn on an investigation target's computers.

(10) Matt DeHart accepted a plea deal based on child porn possession and another man in California faces similar trouble.

(11) If you are an activist with ANY exposure to law enforcement attention you MUST protect yourself against planted child porn evidence.

(12) Apple and Android both permit device encryption. You are a fool if you have a smart phone and don't have encryption enabled.

(13) Linux & OSX both provide full disk encryption. Windows might have an add on that does this, but it's an awful OS - switch to Linux.

(14) Use full disk encryption for your system as well as any external device such as thumb drives or backup disks.

(15) If you have a high profile person and have remained anonymous thus far, you should further harden your presence.

(16) @Tails_live is easy to use on a small netbook or in a virtual machine, and it leaves no traces when you power it off.

(17) The @Whonix gateway/workstation virtual machines can be stored in a @VeraCrypt_IDRIX encrypted partition.

(18) If you can afford it, a @Puri_sm laptop running @QubesOS is the most secure environment available today.

(19) As a rule of thumb, if you're involved in a high risk scenario, you should be spending one day a week auditing/double checking things.

(20) Name anyone arrested for hacktivism over the previous five years and I can point out specific OPSEC mistakes they made.

Chirpified: Adversary Resistant Computing for Activists.


I'm getting 175+ views on each @chirpstory I create. That's pretty good with just 239 followers, eh?

@cryptostorm_is @df_cryptostorm @dfkt @AllSquareCat A hearing about Going Dark.


RT @csoghoian: There are no technologists on the list of speakers at this Senate briefing on encryption and "going dark."…

RT @Anon_Damocles: #FBI admits that a group called "APT6" spends years inside US govn't networks conducting espionage:…

RT @zerohedge: Iceland's Pirate Party Polls At Stunning 43% Following PM's Resignation

@AllSquareCat Orwellian cat spying detected.


Something just happened in Greenland. #climate

Something happened in Greenland back in 2012.

Arctic sea ice is down 9% in winter, 36% in summer. #climate

RT @jimjimzen: @SangyeH @bgregory857 @kavn @CMarPA There is a difference Bernie is a Democratic socialist.Hillary is a neo liberal https://…

Do you live in an upper class white bubble? I score dead average working class.

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps

We might need this later.

RT @NCForBernie: Deutsche Bank puts North Carolina expansion on hold over LGBT law #WeAreNotThis

@Sanguinarious Would you look at that. DOJ not really interested in actual crimes, but after the guy who reported it

Official #BirdieSanders dress

RT @PirateTimes: Parliament must stand up for whistleblowers, not corporate secrecy

RT @SenSanders: Climate change is real, not a hoax, and it is a planetary crisis that we have the knowledge and technology to address. End…

You can't reliably geolocate IP addresses. Don't care which site you use, it's vague at best.

RT @LeeCamp: There are 23 lobbyists for every member of congress. One of the many reasons I'm getting arrested right now with #DemocracySpr…

RT @femfreq: The kind of research into abusive comments this @guardian piece demonstrates is important. https://t.c…

RT @BernieSanders: How does it happen that every major country on earth guarantees health care to all of their people as a right except the…

RT @csoghoian: 1. Require backdoors in commercial encryption software. 2. Ban open-source crypto software. 3. Achieve police state. https:/…

1st interstate stalking resulting in death case, life sentences for all.

There's a reason this @Avicii tune has 916 million views. Wish he did more work like this.

And here's another @Avicii Wake Me Up vid /w 245 million more views.

Excellent article on @alisonrapp by @caitlindewey Does say 'troll detectives', but they are in there.

Not just @alisonrapp I first heard about these #GamerGate dickheads regarding Zoe Quinn @UnburntWitch

@SokaRokaa Nope, I've seen the crap @UnburntWitch's ex pulled. I am quite familiar with scumbags like that. #muted

@Blaugast Spin from shitbags. Muted.

If I share my @blocktogether list of 4,087 ppl who needed to STFU, it'll be for the lulz.

@Friendlysmoker Enough dipshits in my block list to create a fully staffed Retard Brigade. I hope this is how I am remembered.

@SwiftOnSecurity No more late night caffeine might be a good thing for you.

Animals v. Drones The Mad Ram is in there.

@Friendlysmoker Do something out of character and try some real life experience?

@Friendlysmoker I thought that was a given.

Angry Ram v. quadcopter operator spying on him.

And here's the latest member of my block list: @HippyLuvWarrior

Seen in @Lymenews I immediately fire doctors that suggest its all in my head.

RT @msquinn: "Parker's cash infusion is the largest ever for cancer immunotherapy & one of the largest ever for cancer research" https://t.…

@AllSquareCat lolwut


RT @LonnieRhea: Chronic #LymeDisease patients suffer a worse quality of life than Congestive Heart Failure. https:/…

RT @drschweig: Only takes a minute. Ask your senators to support the Lyme Bill

Where is Jan Böhmermann's poem? That needs to fill the top ten pages of Google results for @RT_Erdogan

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch We now have a test for IBS.

@canadianglen Drumpf's Micro Cock Act?

@canadianglen DMCA & free speech are America. Aren't UK laws much more permissive regarding libel suits?


@LonnieRhea @zebrafinch @AlisynGayle Really? I'm popping dicyclomine like candy, still having lots of trouble, seeing gastro doc soon.

@LonnieRhea @zebrafinch @AlisynGayle Egad another antibiotic. No, just no, that's where the trouble all started.

@zebrafinch @LonnieRhea @AlisynGayle Anyone who had a long course of oral antibiotics might have trouble like what I face.


@LonnieRhea @zebrafinch @AlisynGayle Yeah, will read more on it, maybe gastro doc will know. I'm so tired of being sick.

CNN has been skidding for the last decade, have completely failed re: Clinton/Sanders campaign balance of coverage.

RT @rosaclemente: CBSNews Video via @cbsnews Dr. West on CBS 60 minutes...great great interview

@BlameJenD Limping along, waiting to see gastro doc, ready to see what happens Tuesday.

@BlameJenD I don't know that the dollar amount matters so much as the non-monetary stuff. We should get domains this Tuesday.

@BlameJenD And public apologies to Jeff & I should be fairly soon. Apparently JM swore he'd never do this during post hearing discussion.

@BlameJenD The apology is also evidence for a slam dunk libel suit, one reason why I moved to California - no jurisdiction issues.

@BlameJenD The domains in Jeff's name come with criminal liability. He's been ordered to turn them over, when he swore they were Catty's.

@BlameJenD Texas prosecutes perjury less than once a year, but if things don't go as ordered, he might be the lucky winner.

@BlameJenD I've given up predicting when the light is going to come on for him. I don't think he understood the follow-on liabilities.

@BlameJenD I also stopped looking at two months ago. The delusion that there is a Neal/Tom link is strong.

@BlameJenD TR is just as maddening to watch, his risk appetite is an order of magnitude higher than mine.

@BlameJenD What happened in the Morgan cases was promissory notes signed 30 days after loss, various due dates.

@BlameJenD As I understand it full $450k is due on 5/7, promissory note is plan B.

@BlameJenD Reading the tea leaves is a bit easier since they slipped & admitted they're @HunterMoore partisans.

@BlameJenD We'll get the @HunterMoore judgment when ViaView is liquidated, then write it off when the harassment stops.

@BlameJenD Them being unindicted @Huntermoore associates is the least non-sensical explanation for that mess.

@BlameJenD There are plenty of samples of Tom's writing to compare, shared interests evident, but not the same writer.

@BlameJenD Anger, pride are normal. He's got a character disorder. I thought psychopath, but post hearing talk indicates he's borderline.

@BlameJenD If TR were admin I think it might matter for jurisdiction. But it's a bit late for that, I'm inside financial perimeter, TR lurks

@BlameJenD If he'd just focused on MAN's libel per se he'd have been fine. If he'd focused on behavior attributed to TR, he'd have prevailed

@BlameJenD Aiming at TR was fatal mistake #1, coming at me was #2, bothering Lane didn't help him any either.

@BlameJenD Same for me, one convo, then coming up on three years of threat hoaxes, smearing, frivolous litigation. He belongs in prison.

@BlameJenD I presume there is some life defining childhood pain behind the behavior, but he himself probably doesn't even know for sure.

@BlameJenD I never wanted to interact /w him, told MAN to leave him alone within an hour of seeing the BullyVille account.

@BlameJenD My sympathy for both of them ran out by summer of 2013. Two time wasting losers I never want to see again.

@BlameJenD Yup. One time in my son's life ex asked for help, McGibney saw that as a chance for more drama.

@BlameJenD Good news is only sensible path for him is to disappear. He'll never have online presence again, too many victims out there.

@BlameJenD I suspect once 1.) JM is wiped out online & 2.) we write off Hunter Moore debt, then things will settle down.

@BlameJenD Look at what VVF did to James McGibney. Moore has no money & serious gangsters watching his back. We'd be foolish to keep it.

@BlameJenD Simple self-preservation. I sent Moore this Flikshop the day they made their slip.

@BlameJenD I should send him another one since it was cut to $450k, but I dunno if I have credits in there now.

@BlameJenD The only way the bill will get paid is if we can show a claim on @YourAnonNews, or show FBI involvement in the lawsuit scheme.

@BlameJenD It'll be funny when the revenge porn opponents learn @HunterMoore gets away free & they've got McGibney. Morgan, Klein listed

RT @hacker_center: I can only say I'm happy some old friends are out there and they don't have a name so the word friend is good. :)


RT @zebrafinch: "Boaty McBoatface 'unlikely' to be name of Britain’s new polar research vessel despite runaway win of public vote" https:/…

RT @DrDanielCameron: Composer talks to NPR about the dementia-like effects of Lyme disease.

This is funny after Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific. Such funny film work.

Gingerly following @randileeharper, so I can observe her methods & later collect the mangled digital corpse of @socialcoroner

RT @thegrugq: You cannot download truly anonymous instant messaging as an app. There is no app for that.

I'm part of the 45% of Americans that do not pay income tax. I've been trying to fix that since 2007. #Lyme

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch This is terrible. Can not find where to sign/support.

Stealth DoS & brute force DDoS are NOT terrorism. This is still really annoying, however. #prochoice

To be clear the physical stalking/intimidation OBGYNs face often escalates to terrorism.

RT @evacide: Sucking up to the Chinese govt just dispelled any doubt that @jack will happily jettison free speech for market share.

This will only get better when everyone from arresting officers to mayor gets their asses lit up by all of us:

@Arpey_Actual Our manufacturing sector has been gutted. All those Trumpkins used to make furniture, appliances, tools, etc.

@Arpey_Actual I have no quarrel /w the anger Trump supporters display, I just think it's misdirected.

@Arpey_Actual Too many clever, talented folk have seen their jobs shipped to India, Philippines, etc over last 20 years. I'm one of them.

@Arpey_Actual We started /w no taxation w/o representation, now we have representation for stateless wealth. That's royalty reincarnated.

@Arpey_Actual greetings, fellow class warrior :-)

@Spicist regressive and roundly debunked, but a favorite trope of the 1% because it's easily explained.

3,099 U.S. counties, if this story is right 10% of sheriffs are ready to revolt.

Sovereign Citizens are a product of the Christian Identity heresy? Interesting.

RT @AnonyOps: TX bans inmates from having any kind of social media accounts—even ones run on their behalf by friends or family…

RT @AnonyOps: Former FBI agent says Saudi ambassador funded two of the 9/11 hijackers through a third party

1/ What happened to the people who tried to frame me for crimes committed by @brandondarby? Let's take a look around.

2/ @andrewbreitbart dropped dead in the gutter 12/29/2012, in the midst of a war of word /w me.

3/ @LibertyChick stroked out, pretty much lost one hemisphere of her brain.

4/ @EWErickson? Narrowly avoided the same fate as @AndrewBreitbart last week.

5/ I'd jab @rsmccain over this, but he's been banhammered for good due to his inability to leave @femfreq alone.

6/ Does anyone have access? I hear tell of @Patterico facing a Title 42 § 1983 suit.

7/ Here it is, 8:13-cv-03059-GJH, Pat Frey's Title 42 § 1983 case.

8/ Broadly speaking, all of these folks need to read and HEED Exodus 20:16

Chirpified: The Wages Of Sin.

9/ Lest there be any confusion, @brandondarby is the political swatter. Not much room to argue here, is there?

@SockieWhodunit That would be an egotistical thing to say, wouldn't it? More like dirty tricks aimed at me ALWAYS backfire.

@SockieWhodunit I've never really understood it, I don't actually *do* anything consciously, but bad actors get bad outcomes. So it goes.

RT @lilsliceofcraze: RNC rules clash erupts

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD Ya know what puzzles me? How did @LaneLipton end up named in CA? She was gone before @BullyVille was a thing.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD Person who most hated on @LaneLipton? This guy:

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD And that guy was sued in 2012 by ... Jay Leiderman. Over this:

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD What COULD a crooked prosecutor do to motivate a sleazy defense lawyer to take on a hopeless case? Hrm.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD One's in LA county, the other right next door in Ventura. Someone should do a bunch of FOIA work IMHO.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD @LaneLipton I expect to see roaches scurry for cover when we lift the @BullyVille rock later this year.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD Cities & counties have insurance as well as tax revenues, and they don't like losing cases.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD People using their government jobs to harass political opponents is a significant problem IMHO.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD I'd like to do something to correct that social ill AND fund my retirement at the same time.

RT @MikeMtk63: #ThreeDaysoftheCondor Film, Literature & New World Order @sibeledmonds @corbettreport … https://t.c…

@AllSquareCat epic, we'll need this at some point in the near future.

“They said it was all in his head,” sighs Pat. Every #Lyme victim has to put up with this shit.

@BlameJenD @BetterCallSaul ha!

RT @Jessi4JC: This #NYPD officer, CREAGAN, badge #11636, high-fived a white man after he punched 4 PoC and an ally. Midtown South. https://…

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have another Social Engineering Special Olympics contestant! #seso

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps OMG

@AllSquareCat I have identified the underlying motivation, lemme show you some triple distilled stupid at work.

Greenland is experiencing temperatures 57F above normal.

@AllSquareCat Amazingly bad, isn't it? That's like the third attempt in the last few weeks.

@AllSquareCat It's funny watching them paw at it, without having even a cursory knowledge of how it works.

@AllSquareCat This should be handled Millennial style - they all get a trophy, no matter how hard we LOL at the effort.

RT @sub_aetha: Q: @nrauhauser won against McGibney on appeal. Why doesn't @wjjhoge report on this? A: Because it would fuck with his narra…

RT @sub_aetha: Of course I fully expect the narrative is going to be that @nrauhauser didn't get the million+ he sued for.…

@dogthefootsteps D.C. LE are still smarting from a big judgment for 400+ people who got kettled a few years ago. They're very careful.

@dogthefootsteps I have no idea what's going on there, beyond some mass arrest events.

@dogthefootsteps Eh, whatever. I hope they keep at it till they find the right combination.

@dogthefootsteps The bias is there, nothing will change it between now and the convention.

@BlameJenD remind you of someone's litigation strategy?

@BlameJenD Perfect is the fact that it's 9pm and I have taken *one* muscle relaxer today.


RT @ClimateReality: It's our moral obligation to #ActOnClimate for the world's most vulnerable people and places. Retweet if you agree! htt…

RT @LonnieRhea: This #LymeDisease Bill is Crucial! Ask your Senator to support S-1503 here: Or Call Now: https:/…

@KICnederland You're amazingly bad at this detective stuff, Phil, so I'm gonna help you out here.

@KICnederland This is my DOJ Form 361. There are many more like it, but this one is mine.

@KICnederland At the state level, it's sometimes necessary to employ a service that does FOIA work.

@KICnederland There is an interesting case in PACER, 8:13-cv-03059-GJH. I hear rumors about things that came out in discovery.

@KICnederland Now I heard something that makes me think the state FOIA stuff *might* have triggered such foolishness as you suggest.

@KICnederland But since the FOIA guy works for a journalist, not me, trying to intimidate him was ... intriguing.

@KICnederland And since the questions the FOIA guy asked were reviewed by a lawyer in that state ... well ... #ticktock

@KICnederland While we're chatting, how is your case in Bexar county coming? And what of the missing little boy in Idaho?

Chirpified: World's Worst Detective, Phiip R. Klein

@KICnederland You see a warrant, I see a winning lottery ticket. Got a report & lawyer who both agree with that sentiment :-)

@KICnederland Nah, don't bother, the juicy stuff was filed under seal, so all I know is a rumor at this point. I'm patiently waiting.

I'm titling this screenshot of an historic burst of tweets from an detective as "Overeager".

@KICnederland It's a bit unconventional, but you just qualified as a contestant in the Social Engineering Special Olympics. #SESO

@AllSquareCat And we have ANOTHER contestant in the Social Engineering Special Olympics. We really need a public leaderboard for this.

I have to say of all the Twitter changes over the years, I like the mute button most.

@liposuctor the button says 'mute', not 'muzzle'. I think you're OK, at least for now.

More #FlintWaterCrisis? Why don't they just FIX IT

RT @MSNBC: BREAKING: Three officials charged in #FlintWaterCrisis, @NBCNews affiliate WDIV reports.

RT @MsShannonFisher: Breaking: 3 state & local officials face first criminal charges in #FlintWaterCrisis! https://…

RT @ErinBrockovich: What you should be doing is a perp walk #FlintWaterCrisis #ArrestGovSnyder

@SockieWhodunit Nah, this is negligence re: water plant. City/State deserve what they get on #FlintWaterCrisis

RT @ScheinerLaw: New Nebraska law abolishing civil forfeiture & requiring criminal conviction to take assets shld be model for nation https…

RT @BernieSanders: Nebraska took a big step in the right direction by abolishing civil forfeiture yesterday. I hope other states will begin…

We actually ARE putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill? I was sure that was from @TheOnion when I saw it earlier. Wow, happy event :-)

@PizzaPartyBen @HahnAmericaWade @alexrileyiscool You boys are SO bad, leave poor Jason alone.

RT @theintercept: Repetitive encryption tirades could be giving way to debate over "lawful hacking" by @JennaMC_Lau…

Regarding @brave - it's as tight as my hand tuned Google Chrome setup, at least regarding ads.

@canadianglen bet hedging on Israel's part? Or just Rafael being Rafael?

@canadianglen Names get confused, Rafael is a plane in France, a defense contractor in Israel.

@dogthefootsteps Yup, I'm quite the fugitive, like FBI couldn't do one search warrant and figure out where I am.

@liposuctor Maybe they'll put my face on a limited run of $3 bills while they're at it?

Oh Ashley Madison, you are the gift that keeps giving.

Is the Harriet Tubman $20 a slap at the Jacksonian Tea Party faction?

215,000 subscribers to child porn site Playpen? I had no idea there were so MANY of them.

@transhuman it's happening, bit by bit.

RT @MMFlint: We will not stop until the Governor of Michigan is arrested & removed from office. Every Flint child drank lead; now damaged 4…

@canadianglen F-35 Feeding Trough leaks once again.

@canadianglen "Northrop Grumman AN/APG-81 AESA radar is not stable enough for combat" wow


@sub_aetha Someone who hired a string of substandard lawyers got some terrible news a couple of days ago.

@sub_aetha Can't say precisely what, other than suggesting that people need to read and COMPREHEND the fine print.

@sub_aetha I would use the word inescapable rather than final.

@sub_aetha Inescapable, with the implication that no artifice or strategy will change the outcome.

RT @hacker_center: Some of you have been played by our common foes and now all pieces fall in place if only you can see the moves. It is in…

RT @JetBlackCloud: calling it "fraud" shows much reserve. usually, i'd expect to see "terrorism" thrown out there. ;-) #douche…

RT @ProxyProphet: Edward Snowden Facial Recognition Troll Screen Print Tshirt

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