Thursday, April 13, 2017

KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 13, 2017

Wannabe Hacker, Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, was sent to prison two months early for being too dumb to internet.

Scheduled to turn himself in to start serving his 2 year sentence, Lostutter had a court order forbidding him from accessing the internet directly or indirectly. It was that "INDIRECTLY" word that Deric didn't get. Sometimes English is hard.

Lostutter's wife posted a picture on Instagram with Deric flipping the bird. This was considered accessing the internet indirectly because Deric was accessing the internet indirectly.

The still shot posted by his wife was taken at the same time Jenny made a video. Which she also posted online. Deric is shown driving the car which, once again, is accessing the internet indirectly (there's that word again).
While many people think Lostutter was a major part of the Steubenville Op, the truth is Deric came on the scene too late, wasn't a hacker, and basically just harassed people instead of helping anyone. During the time he was awaiting the start of his prison sentence he continued to harass people indirectly (someone explain what that word meants to Deric). 

Fortunately the internet will now have at least two years Deric free. The internet feels smarter already.

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  1. Typical rape apologist. You're only good at spreading lies and gossip. Nobody cares about your opinion.

    1. Evalynne, your ignorance of Steubenville and Deric Lostutter is only exceeded by your delusions that you are Anonymous. Deric was a famewhore who used, and has been using, Steubenville for his own personal gain.
      With your beaded jewelery making, you actually have more skillz than Deric.
      Try Google and educate yourself:
      Encyclopedia Dramatica:

  2. Zile,
    Do you think this attorney wants his face plastered on a website called, "iron troll" with horribly photoshopped pictures?
    Do you ever think about innocent people like this poor man? You are no different from Vinnie.

    1. Evalynne;
      Deric is not a lawyer.
      I am not a lawyer.
      Vinnie is not a lawyer, she was disbarred but has been impersonating a lawyer. So far Vinnie owes over 998,000 dollars to former clients and will be going to trial this summer in regards to another 340,000 dollars.
      Deric Lostutter was not innocent, that's why he was put in prison.
      Do more bead work and less internet Evalynne

  3. Wait a minute, wrong post, I am speaking of of Brandon King's ex attorney. Somehow I commented on this post. But still.. my comment / question remains the same.

    1. Thank you for clarifying and for lurking on
      You should check out Mr Harrelson's facebook page where Brandon makes nasty remarks because Harrelson wasn't able to get the court to forgive the $25,000 in child support Brandon owed.
      Why are you supporting dead beat dads?


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