Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Team Feral Wins! Andie Suspended, March 2017

Posted By: Iron Troll - April 18, 2017

Once again, Andie Pauly has been suspended. It looks like this is a permanent suspension. 

Andie Pauly made international headlines when she was the subject of a not-very-flattering article in BBC Trending, written by Olivia Crellen. Andie's response to the column was to wage war on Ms Crellen which resulted in Andie getting a brief suspension. 

Andie is claiming her most recent suspension was for posting a Dean Martin meme and that Twitter wants her to delete it before they'll unsuspend her. 

That scenario is highly unlikely. In cases of an offensive tweet, Twitter locks the account until the tweet is deleted. The account isn't suspended while it's locked and doesn't appear publicly as being suspended. Andie used up all her last chances with Twitter and won't be back on that account.
So now Andie is on Gab where she continues to use a catfish photo of a young woman (Andie is over 50 years old) and rant against ferals. It looks like she's actually toned down her rhetoric though, most of the people on Gab share her viewpoints so she doesn't get all the attention like she did on Twitter. Not so much fun when nobody cares.

The post below is from her Gab account.

I don't know where Andie gets her fake news these days, but I am not dead. Really! 

Though I may haunt Andie on Gab. She must be lonely without Feral liberals to rant about.

Team Feral wins!

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  1. You blog about trolls.. but aren't you trolling?
    Is that fair to to say?

    You are no different from the people you accuse of trolling.

    1. I understand that you are mad but there are quite a few differences. Among them is that this is a blog where, per the first amendment as upheld by the Supreme Court in Obsidian v. Cox, writing articles about matters and persons of public concern is permitted. A blog is not social media.
      Also, according to Andie, I am dead. It's a well known fact that ghosts cannot be trolls.


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