Thursday, August 24, 2017

Daily Stormer Pranks Amy Siskind; August, 2017

Posted By: Iron Troll - August 24, 2017

Update: Punished Stormer has been kicked off GoDaddy again and has gone back to the Dark Web where it belongs. They are blaming the banishment on "Jews and Pedophiles".


My, my my. Not only has Punished Stormer weathered the DDoSing, it now has a cloud server protecting it from DDoS attacks. And so far GoDaddy hasn't kicked their new domain off their servers but...

The Stormer is using Twitter Cards. That's a bit of script for blogs provided by Twitter so when tweets will show a summary with a picture when the blog post link is tweeted. 

When you add the Twitter Card script to your blog there's a few places to enter your twitter account name as content tweeter, owner of the blog or writer of the post. In the case of Punished Stormer, they're using Amy Siskind's twitter account. 

They don't have her listed as the creator but they shouldn't be using her name in the script at all, but since they're suspended from Twitter they have to use somebody's name so they can validate their tweets.

Wow, what a major blow from little Andy in his fight against the Left, Jews, Non-Whites and stuff. 

I don't think Amy will be pleased at all but she'll handle it, She's a bigger person than little Andy. Literally. Most people are.

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