Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Omarosa Has The Receipts

Posted By: Iron Troll - August 14, 2018

Hell hath no fury like a POTUS scorned.

Omarosa has been making the talk show rounds dropping a few teasers about what's in her new book.

Unhinged is not only an appropriate name for her tell-all about Trump, it's also an apt description for his response to the info bombs she's been dropping. She's got him unhinged enough that Donny has taken to Twitter to post abusive tweets about Omarosa, essentially proving her opinion about him.

Omarosa has claimed Trump knew about the hacked emails before they were posted on Wikileaks. Most people have that same opinion but she seemed to imply she had some proof and she said she talked to Bob Mueller.

Of course, this could all be hype to sell her book, but Omarosa doesn't seem the type to promise what she can't deliver. That's more Trump's style.

I look forward to more tapes being made public just to see Trump retaliate on Twitter like a spoiled child. I'm past the point of being mortified when the POTUS makes an ass out of himself. Everyone knows the leader of the freeworld is a douchebag, except the douchebag himself.


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