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Alex van der Zwaan, Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Posted By: Iron Troll - September 10, 2018

Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty in February, 2018 for lying to the FBI and Mueller's team. He was given a sentence of 30 days in prison and then deported.

Van der Zwaan was in contact with Manafort and his crew when he was part of a team of lawyers who wrote a report in 2012 for Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, defending the prosecution and imprisonment of his political rival.

In 2016, van der Zwaan was again in communication with Rick Gates and Konstantin Kilimnik. There were emails, encrypted messages and recorded conversations that van der Zwaan didn't mention to the FBI and Mueller's team.

Eva Khan
During the court proceedings, van der Zwaan appeared as if the whole thing was no big deal. But special counsel manager, Andrew Weissmann felt van der Zwaan had a "clear lack of morality" and only told the truth because he was "caught red handed" lying to investigators.

Van der Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in federal prison, 2 months supervised release and a fine of $20,000. After release from prison, van der Zwaan was deported to the Netherlands.

In 2017, van der Zwaan married Eva Khan, daughter of Russian oligarch, German Khan, who is one of the owners of Alfa Bank. It's believed van der Zwaan's relationships to Manafort and the Khan family is what prompted Mueller to investigate him.

Alfa Bank was mentioned in the Steele dossier because the three oligarch owners, including German Khan, were close to Putin. Alfa Bank also made headlines when one of its servers was found to have been in communication with a Trump organization server during the presidential campaign.

This post is part of our new series, The Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate. 
The guide will be a "Who's Who and What's What"
for the impending impeachment of Donald Trump.
You'll be able to look up any character, place, or event involved.

Trumpgate Role: Alexander van der Zwaan may have served as a communication conduit between Manafort and the Kremlin.

Trumpgate Drama: Lied to FBI and Special Counsel investigators.        

Allegations/Indictments/Charges:  sentenced to 30 days in prison. Deported

Linked To:              
Eva Khan, van der Zwaan's wife
German Khan, Russian Oligarch
Paul Manafort, Trump campaign chairman
Konstantin Kilimnik, Manafort associate, alleged spy
Rick Gates, Manafort, Political consulting
Viktor Yanukovych, ousted former President of the Ukraine
Andrew Weissmann, Special Counsel investigation prosecutor
Amy Berman Jackson, Federal judge

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Sentencing Memorandum for Alex van der Zwaan

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