Monday, October 1, 2018

Diana Gindin; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Posted By: Iron Troll - October 01, 2018

Diana Gindin was managing director and president of Credit Suisse First Boston's operations in Moscow.  She was married to Vladimir Reznik but it's believed they were divorced in 2014 after he was sanctioned by the Obama administration. 

Gindin is alleged to be involved with money laundering for the Russian mafia gang, Tambov.

In 2018, Gindin and her former husband were indicted for taking part in laundering around 60 million dollars by creating shell companies to purchase real estate. Allegedly she and her husband purchsed two estates and a house along with a 2 million dollar yacht and a 100 thousand dollar wine collection. 

The charges in Spain came as the result of a major investigation that began in 2008. As a result, Gindin faces up to four and a half years in prison, her ex could serve 5 years, and they both have to pay large fines.

Trumpgate Role:  Nothing direct, alleged to be Russian mafia
Trumpgate Drama: Nothing direct, owns Southbeach property.            

Allegations/Indictments/Charges: Charged in Spain for money laundering             

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